Good practices
  produce good results.
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Neville “Doctor Cheese” McNaughton

President of CheezSorce, LLC
Neville’s cheese experience extends 35+ years in the Dairy Industry. He founded CheezSorce, in 2001, filling a need for new entrants to midsize and micro dairy business. Outside of managing the company, he is Board Member of the American Cheese Society, and an International & Domestic Cheese Judge. Needless to say, Neville is not only a man who critiques cheese, but an avid scientific and artistic creator.

Much More Than Cheese Consultants

CheezSorce’s customers are the innovative cheese makers and dairy processors of North America. With our knowledge, technology and products, we help our customers place their products on consumers’ tables. We provide a complete service taking our clients’ ideas from concept to reality. While some of our staff travel the world to work onsite, we also travel to organize and promote cheese making workshops on the art of making cheese.